The Multisig Standard you were looking for on Stacks

Securely manage your treasury, smart contract upgrades and tokens with your team.

Audited by industry-leading firms

MultiSafe smart contracts have gone through careful audits by external security experts.

    • CoinFabrikLeast Authority


  • Deposit tokens

    Easily deposit any STX asset whether it’s 1 STX or 100,000 STX.

  • Withdraw tokens

    Set up a safe that requires multiple signatures in order to remove funds.

  • Set Multiple Owners

    Secure your assets with co-ownership between friends, colleagues or a DAO.

  • Store STX and BTC assets

    MultiSafe supports STX, xBTC, USDA and any SIP-010 token.

  • Secure your NFTs

    A MultiSafe with multiple signatures better protects your NFTs from phishing attempts and Discord scams.

  • Create a Bitcoin DAO

    Fundraise BTC and use MultiSafe as a treasury for shared ownership and security over your tokens (Coming soon).

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How do I create a MultiSafe?

      Starting a MultiSafe is easy! Read our docs to get started.

    • Does MultiSafe allow co-ownership of NFTs?

      Yes! Great for DAOs, investment clubs, and groups of individuals, MultiSafe is the easiest way to have collective ownership of NFTs. Get started.

    • Is MultSafe secure?

      The MultiSafe team is committed to security. Our smart contracts passed security audits with both two of the leading security firms: Coinfabrik and Least Authority. In addition we run a bug bounty program with Immunifi where we actively monitor bugs.

    • Can I store Bitcoin in MultiSafe?

      You can store xBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) on MultiSafe, but not native BTC.

    • How do I start a Bitcoin DAO?

      MultiSafe is a great tool for creating Bitcoin DAOs. If you’d love to learn how, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

    • How do I contact the MultiSafe team?

      We're here! On Twitter @multisafexyz or via email